Woody’s Care Instructions

Your Woody Handmade knife is a fine, one-of-a-kind tool that will serve well for generations if cared for properly.

Sharpening – Under normal use your “Woody” knife will not require a lot of sharpening.  A ceramic rod or leather strop will do an excellent job of refining the edge and keeping it keen.  If the knife needs re-honing after hard use, an Arkansas Oil Whetstone will easily re-profile the edge.  If you are not skilled with freehand honing, we recommend a “Lansky” system or equivalent.  The primary edge on most “Woody” knives is at a 22 degree angle.

Storage – If the knife is used on a regular basis, the oils from your hands or any fish or game being processed will keep the blade in good shape.  The key is to keep the tool clean and dry at all times.  If stored, the storage place needs to be as dry as possible.  Keep the knife out of the sheath as moister will creep in and cause rust over time.

Handle Care – The fine hard wood or micarta scales of your knife can be brightened up if needed with 0000 Steel Wool.  Buff with a clean, dry cloth after applying a hard wax.  Renaissance Crystalline Wax is highly recommended.

Thank you for choosing a Woody Knife!  Your satisfaction is guaranteed 100%