A Family Tradition

About the Craftsman

About the Craftsman

Frank Bridwell (a.k.a. Woody) is a third-generation knifemaker. He learned the craft from his father, who taught him the techniques that his father before him had developed. Frank took the skills he learned and introduced his own artistic design, resulting in the unique knives that he creates today.

Frank grew up appreciating the strong blades made by his father, who was a farmer, textile worker, and avid hunter. Frank’s pocket knife was always with him, whether he was exploring the woods or accompanying his father on hunting and fishing trips. He eventually became a collector of cutlery, before taking up the craft himself.

Later studying under master knifemaker Marv Palmer from Hemlock, Michigan, Frank honed his skills. Palmer was known for crafting “the best knife for the money,” a value that Frank took with him after the apprenticeship.

Frank has four children who live in Greenville County, and three grandchildren. They enjoy the outdoors, especially fishing together. Frank says, “There are definite signs of a fourth and even fifth generation smithing passion in my family,” so it looks like the tradition will continue.