"An Authentic Custom Knife & Family Heirloom For A Day's Pay"

For two generations Woody Handmade Knives have been passionately dedicated to producing quality, one-of-a-kind cutlery. Recognized as one of the best values in the industry, Woody Handmade Knives are durable, reliable, unique and proudly used as cutting tools all over the world. Family owned and founded, Woody’s can be purchased for under a day’s pay, yet are durable enough to be heirlooms for generations to come.

Thousands of knives later, Woody Handmade’s are proven worthy of outstanding loyal customers, and the accolades of industry pioneers. While Woody’s can be found in some of the finest cutlery collections in the world, the vast majority are used on a daily basis. Making these unique pieces both functional and collectable.

Revered as lifetime treasures, or as worthy tools, Woody Handmade offers hunting, kitchen, recreational, tactical and custom knives for the everyday man, active outdoorsman, or the avid collector. So in a mass produced, fast paced, high tech, and high cost world, these fine authentic knives celebrate the simplicity and elegance of handmade quality made craftsmanship.

Woody’s Handmade Knives  - quality wood handles knives for generations to come!

I begin with a block of wood and a sheet of steel and 126 individual procedures later I have a new "Woody" ready to go. I prefer 1095 high carbon steel and Alabama high carbon Damascus. Using my proven methods the results are consistent. After profiling each blade is coal fired, oil quenched and placed in a tempering oven for two cycles. I "punch" (Rockwell test) a representative sample of each run of blades I fire to confirm that they are falling into a range of 56 to 58 on the Rockwell hardness scale. A blade so tempered will hold a fine edge but it isn't so hard that the average person can't sharpen it. Yes, each knife is individually hand made and no two are alike. They really work and have an authentic, American made organic quality that can only be achieved with old fashioned materials and processes. Thanks again to all the users of my knives. I'm open to feedback and suggestions as to how I might improve the work

Woody's Phone: (864)-903-4276
Woody's Email: E-mail: fbridwell@gmail.com

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