The images below are depictions of each knife.
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"Woody" Razor EDC ( Every Day Carry )
This pattern is Woody's preferred carry knife
Overall - 6-7/8"
Scales - Australian Lacewood scales with dramatic effect.
Blade - 3/32" 1095 high carbon tool steel, Coal fired, oil quenched and double oven tempered by Woody.
This unique knife is equipped with Australian Lacewood scales with dramatic effect. Definitely one of a kind. Excellent balance and a great all purpose, every day carry tool. The custom sheath is by Christie and is adaptable for either horizontal or vertical carry.
Price includes: Presentation box, Certificate of Authenticity, care instructions and shipping. Exceptional gift for any knife lover.
*Price: $149.95
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Custom "Woody" Personal knife "PK"
All time #1 seller. Multiple hundreds in hard use all over the world. Tried and proven under the harshest of conditions and one of the best cutlery values in the industry.
Overall length - 7".
Blade - 3/32" 1095 high carbon tool steel. 58 Rockwell and famous for ease of sharpening and edge retention.
Scales - Black canvas Micarta scales - practically indestructible.
Beautiful matching custom leather sheath by Christie included in price.
100% satisfaction warranted on all Woody knives
*Price: $139.95
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Custom "Bird" knife
Prototypical knife for collaboration with Smokey Mountain Knifeworks, Sevierville, Tennessee
Overall length - 6"
Scales- Antique Westinghouse Ivory Micarta.
Blade - The blade is 1/16" gauge 1095 high carbon tool steel.
Coal fired and oil quenched before double oven tempering just like grandpa before Woody.
Features - This protype was fashioned with Antique Westinghouse Ivory Micarta, Produced by Westinghouse in the early 60's and now very scarce.
This a relatively small knife but in capable hands able to do big jobs. The Christie sheath is full grain leather and comes with a clip so you can carry it in a variety of ways. Woody carrys one in his boot and can't detect it's along for the ride.
Price - Includes shipping, presentation box, leather sheath by Christie and certificate of authenticity.
Special pricing - $89.95 - a great value for a prototype.
*Price: $89.95
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Custom Gent's Scaled down Hawk Bill
Definitely one of a kind never to be duplicated. Excellent personal knife for everything from manicuring to self-defense
Overall length - 5-1/2".
Scales - Wisconsin Curly Maple with an Antique Gunstock Stain.
Blade - coal fired, oil quenched and double oven tempered blade is 1095 high carbon tool steel.
Features - 1095 is Woody's tool steel of choice for almost twenty years and it's performance has accounted for a legion of loyal Woody clients. The fine Christie sheath has two earth magnets inside to secure the blade in event the user wants to suspend the knife around the neck with a lanyard. The "mag" sheath is very popular because of it's versatility.
Price all inclusive and a fantastic gift.
*Price: $99.95
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12" Chef's Knife
These are usually on back order but Woody just finished this one and sat it aside for the web site buyers. It's a living, breathing beauty.
Overall length - 12" with extreme ergonomics - balanced to perfection.
Scales - Curly Maple scales from the great state of Wisconsin.
Blade - The blade is absolutely incredible AEB - L. Imported from Sweden and used primarily in razor blades. If you have shaved you have already been exposed to AEB - L.
Features - The Rockwell hardness is coming in at 60 after heat treating and a final cryogenic process taking the molecules to -365 degrees F. The result is a blade that performs at an extremely high standard. Woody has used a number of varieties of stainless in his day and he says the AEB - L is remarkable in a way the others can not match.
a great bargain compared to similar knives at $500 - $800.00 All inclusive price. There is no leather work for the kitchen knives.
*Price: $189.95
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"Weatherford Hunter"
This an unusual example of Woody's most popular 9" pattern. It's a real workhorse and right at home in any environment. The "Weatherford" is much preferred in Australia and New Zealand.
Overall length - 9".
Scales - - Australian Lacewood. Very unique and easy on the eye.
Blade - 3/32" high carbon tool steel - 1095. expertly heat treated to RHC 58. Renowned for edge retention and ease of sharpening.
This is a premium example packaged with a custom Christie top grain, hand crafted leather sheath.
Special web site price. There will not be any more of these at any price. Price includes leatherwork, presentation box, certificate of authenticity and shipping to your door.
*Price: $159.95
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"Woody" custom "ULK"
Unique Little Knife. A small package but aggressive in temperament.
Overall length - 4-5/8".
Scales- Curly Maple scales custom finished by "Woody". Antique gunstock stain.
High carbon tool steel. Woody starts with a raw sheet of 1095 and processes the blade in the manner of his grandpa - "Gus Bridwell"
The "ULK's" are individually unique and always a conversation piece. The Christie "mag"style sheath is a great companion piece.
Price is all inclusive with Woody's personal 100% satisfaction warranty.
*Price: $89.95
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"Woody" Sparrow EDC.
This is one of three patterns introduced by Woody this year in conjunction with Jay Parker at the world famous Smokey Mountain Knife Works - the world's largest knife store. The "Sparrow" has proven to be the fastest "Smokey" pattern to gain enormous popularity.
Scales- Each "Sparrow" is dressed with Osage Orange scales. Osage Orange is extremely tough and resilient and very pretty to view - ages beautifully.
Blade- The blade is 1/16" 1095 high carbon tool steel. Coal fired, oil quenched and oven tempered twice to achieve a RHC of 58.
This pattern is a great companion for anyone and especially a very proper and safe first knife for youngsters. Available in very limited quantities as a "knife kit" with all components and instructions for building your own.
The Christie clip style sheath is a part of the package. All inclusive including shipping.
*Price: $89.95
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Custom "Woody" Damascus Skinner
One of a kind conceived by Woody during the dark of the night and certainly unique. Form and function dominate this pattern.
Compact 5.25" overall. Designed for a "chef's grip".
Scales- Scales are Micarta over Micarta. The top layer is antique ivory Micarta sandwiched with black linen Micarta underneath.
Blade- The blade is 416 layer Alabama Damascus expertly forged in Jacksonville Alabama then heat treated and tempered in the Woody shop.
The custom leather sheath was hand tooled by Christie and adds a distinctive brand.
Woody points out that the blade includes a half moon inclusion visible in the picture. This flaw adds character to the knife in a Wabi Sabi point of view or it can be seen as a flaw. The aesthetic is sometimes "imperfect, impermanent and incomplete.
All inclusive and delivered to your house.
*Price: $179.95
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